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Palm Coast

Painters in Palm Coast, FL

When turning a blank canvas into an interior design, simplify the process with Color Crafters Painting, the top painters in Palm Coast, FL!

Palm Coast, FL is a highly sought-after location for homebuyers looking for a safe and geographically pleasing neighborhood. With this oasis stretching from grasslands to waterways alongside easy access to nearby cities and top schools, every house sits on valuable land. Maintain your property value with Color Crafters Painting, your dependable painters in Palm Coast, FL.

A paint job ten years or older leaves your home with chips and peels that reduce curb appeal. Our residential house painting services will restore your surfaces to their former glory!

Expert Painters in Palm Coast, FL

Interior House Painting in Palm Coast, FL

In the northern Florida city of Palm Coast, over 80,000 full-time residents contribute to this vivid community by undertaking regular house maintenance. Upkeep extends to every home’s interior that produces energy. If your walls are dingy or too dark or light for a room, they’ll throw off your house’s flow. 

Our high-quality painting specialists in Palm Coast and the surrounding areas first survey your interior before stripping the old, chipped, or stained paint. Our knowledgeable full-time painters in Palm Coast, FL pay close attention to detail, including understanding your home’s history, which may date back to the city’s 1969 founding. We’ll consider original color schemes and your tastes before priming and painting with grade-A products.

Commercial Painting in Florida’s Palm Coast

Homes and residences aren’t the only properties that can benefit from a high-end paint job. To run a successful business, you must ensure your property is just as welcoming as your staff. With professional commercial painting services, you can put your business’s best foot forward and create a positive first impression on new customers. 

Whether you want your building’s exterior to brighten up the street or your office’s interior to create a more welcoming atmosphere, our painting experts can help bring your ideas to life. 

Exterior Residential Painting in Palm Coast

Florida’s Palm Coast is generally warm year-round. While there’s no cold weather to prematurely dry and crack your home’s exterior paint job, the region’s humid temperatures and scorching sun can dull the hues. 

Exterior painting in Palm Coast, FL requires professional training, and with over 40 years of experience, our painters can apply vibrant and lasting color. We arrive on time and pressure-wash all surfaces before conferring with you about optimal color schemes. Then, we putty, prime, and apply two coats of paint from a quality brand.

Your home is your largest investment. Help it look the part with our one-year craftsmanship warranty and an exterior house painting from our family-owned and operated company!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Color Crafters Painting did an excellent job painting our home! They provided an estimate that they stayed with, they started…

Lisa Enloe

Exceptional service and high-quality work!!! We had Color Crafters paint the outside of our house, including outside doors,…

Linda Witherwax

I personally used to be a painter. Therefore, I know what to look for when judging a painting company in its entirety….

Derek Snow

The Go-to Painters in Palm Coast, FL

When you need your home painted with the newest methods, top-grade products, and quality customer service, trust Color Crafters Painting, Inc. Our project managers and painters in Palm Coast, FL work 24/7 to provide effective services at competitive prices, giving each project our full attention. 

Our talented painters offer residential and commercial painting in Palm Coast, FL and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 386-410-9654 for a free estimate!

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