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Seaside Elegance: Choosing Coastal Colors for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Seaside Elegance: Choosing Coastal Colors for Your New Smyrna Beach Home

As spring ushers in new beginnings, homeowners find themselves amid an influx of inspiration for home improvements. Especially when it comes to house painting, nothing spells renewal better than a fresh coat of paint. Let’s delve deeper into creating a coastal color palette inspired by the charm of New Smyrna Beach.

Key Takeaways

  • Nature offers a rich palette for the perfect coastal color mix.
  • Ditching the traditional white ceilings and adopting a part of the coastal chromatic composition like a light blue or a sandy shade could refresh your home decor.
  • The right coastal paint color can include various shades such as soft blues and greens, sandy neutrals, and even vibrant coral accents.
  • In choosing the right coastal paint color, sample testing, consideration of undertones, and harmonizing with room decor are essential steps to achieve a visually pleasing result.

It’s Spring Home Improvement time! Get Your Coastal Color Palette Ready!

Coastal Colors That You Don’t See At First

It’s not just sky blues and sunset oranges that define a coastal color scheme. Dive deeper and you’ll discover less apparent shades that can amplify the seaside essence in your home’s interior painting scheme. For instance, beach glass colors, the neutral sand, and even the subtle greens seen as waves crash offer an unexpected, but authentic palette. These less obvious hues help create a coastal vibe that’s both fresh and evocative without veering towards the clichéd.

Some Of The Best Color Combinations Are Found In Nature

In creating the perfect coastal color mix for exterior or interior painting, nature is your most reliable consultant. Coastal colors naturally blend, making it rare for any of these shades to be discordant. From the diverse hues of sea life to the changing colors of the sky, beaches offer a rich palette that harmonizes effortlessly. High contrast color combinations, like the vivid green of seaside vegetation against sandy neutrals or the deep blue of the ocean set against a pastel horizon, can inspire striking, yet balanced, color decisions for your home.

Do We Still Need White Ceilings?

Traditionally, white has been the go-to color for ceilings. However, with the current trend of injecting more personality and charm into our homes, it’s hard not to challenge convention. A coastal home needn’t bow to this norm. Why not adopt a part of the coastal chromatic composition, maybe a light blue reflecting the open skies, or a sandy shade mirroring the beach? Ditching the standard white and wandering into the colorful possibilities may just be that refreshing twist you’re seeking.

Popular Coastal Paint Colors

The right paint color not only dictates the mood of a room but also gives character to the space. Selecting colors that fit the coastal theme for house painting can be quite engaging and surprisingly expansive. 

Soft Blues and Greens

To start, the coastal color scheme often includes shades of blues and greens, which are typically the most dominant hues across coastal landscapes. The beauty of these shades is how perfectly they bring a fresh seaside vibe indoors and can mimic the tranquil ambiance of New Smyrna Beach. This hue conjures images of clear blue skies and sparkling ocean waves, perfect for instilling a calming atmosphere in any room. 

Sandy Neutrals

While bold tones can make a striking statement, nothing beats the adaptability of neutrals, especially in coastal-themed homes. A popular choice for giving your home that beachy feel is going for sandy neutrals. It’s far from boring as when it is creatively paired with intriguing accents and textures, beige reaches new heights of sophistication and style.

Coral Accents

When it comes to painting with a coastal theme, don’t shy away from vibrant coral hues. These sophisticated shades of pink-orange complement blues and greens perfectly, adding a lively accent to the room. Whether used sparingly or to make a bold statement, coral colors can inject warmth, personality, and a touch of unexpected fun into the coastal color scheme. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Shade

Sample Testing

It’s no secret that colors can seem different depending on the light and surroundings. Hence, it’s essential to test your chosen paint color before making a large-scale commitment. Take some time to pick out a few color samples. Get a quart of your favorites and paint a sizable area on different walls in your room. This way, you’ll be able to observe how the color reacts under different light conditions throughout the day, thus enabling you to choose a shade that matches your desired mood and style.

Consider the Undertones

Every paint color has its undertones, and subtle hues that can significantly affect the overall result. For instance, there are blue tones that lean more towards gray and green, and beige shades with a pink or golden undertone. Identifying and coordinating undertones can be the key to achieving a visually pleasing color palette in a room. It’s also important to consider the kind of undertones that would pair well with the lighting in your room since light plays an important role in emphasizing undertones too.

Harmonizing with Room Decor

Finally, harmonizing your chosen color with existing furniture and decor is a critical element in the selection process. If many people in your neighborhood are following the blue-gray trend, using that as your base color can set a universally appealing backdrop against other bold, vibrant coastal hues. The shade you select should showcase your furniture, paintings, and other decors, not make them appear out of place. Consider your upholstery, cabinets, and other fixtures, and how the overall room will look once everything is hung up and in place.

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